Software Development

Individual processes need special software structures and extensive databases. We realize solutions containing simple import and export functionalities, the administration of members using a comprehensive tool, the scheduling of meetings and addresses as well as complex archiving and documentation systems and knowledge management tools.

We have a high expertise in the implementation of individual software and extensive databases and develop solutions since many years. Our know-how covers a wide range, in particular web portals, automated production work flows, administration of associations, databases and the migration and forwarding of data. Individual solutions are e.g.:

  • web atlas and geographic information systems
  • archiving and documentation systems
  • knowledge management tools
  • administration software including functionalities for management, organization and communication activities
  • school administration software
  • administration of user, member and contribution
  • online reservation
  • planning of meetings and addresses
  • complex web sites containing interfaces to divers tools (front-end and back-end)


Open source components

The implemented solutions are developed individually to fulfil the needs of our customers. The used components are open source. We mainly use the following components: Linux, Python, Java, postgreSQL, Django, Apache Lucene and Solr, libreoffice etc. Import and export functionalitites are e.g. realized with current and free standards like CSV, REST or JSON. They allow the integration of additional and external systems.

The most fitting components and frameworks are chosen during the specification of the concept. The range is selected in close collaboration with the customer and the requirements.

Reference Projects

Archiving and documentation system

  • ArcDoc: developed with Python, complemented through a web portal using Django; key aspects: import of documents, filing of the documents in the file system, indexing of all documents including meta data and key words, search function including integrated web sites, connection of plugins


Administration software

  • Economy for the Common Good: platform for collaboration, communication and administration used by different units of organization (support groups, national institutions and governing body) which can act independently; key aspects: user administration, extensive searching functionalities, collection of master data, generation of personalized documents



  • Logo Waldorfschulen-DatenbankSoftware for school administration (WSDB): web-based tool for school organization including the administration of pupils, teachers and parents, facilitates the handling of periodical tasks, reduces the effort for organization and administration; open source project


  • Compass for sustainability: companies, retailer etc. can evaluate their business and their products with regard to sustainability; implemented with django and postgreSQL; key aspects: administration (product types, profession, criteria), weighting of criteria







Support of production

  • SNOGG.ME - Publish your own CD: market place for music CDs, production of single pieces, provides e.g. upload of music, tool for designing cover, booklet, label etc., assistant for clarify copy rights, facebook plugin





  • SLogo Level 2 Digitale Kommunikation GmbHoftware assisted production of voucher: enables faultless packing without any mix-up; key aspects: logging of the production process, start of jobs over a web interface, temporary storage of produced articles, management of addresses



Online reservation

  • Logo MoviementoMoviemento and City-Kino: key aspects: daily program, choice of seat with the help of a seating plan, real-time access to reservation data, export of statistics and analyzes











Example of Development

Indexing and search functionality

In many cases, a full text search that includes documents, categories, key words etc. is desirable. We use established open source components for indexing (e.g. Apache Lucene) for the realization of a full text search. Additionally available add-ons like e.g. Apache Solr are used to enable requests over web browser, REST API and shell skript. The meta data of the searching results are displayed and can be edited.

User administration

Different user groups like e.g. author, moderator, administrator are considered. Depending on the authorization, user can create, edit or delete a document or an object. The connection of the user administration to existing systems of the customer (e.g. LDAP) is provided.


Searching results and user administration are synchronized and make sure that listed results are matched to the authorization of the corresponding user.

Development Tools

We mainly use open source technologies for the implementation of individual software, e.g.

Python: a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language; supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles; features a dynamic type system

Java: a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented and platform independent

Logo PostgresqlPostgreSQL: a powerful, open source object-relational database system; reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness; runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows

Django: a high-level Python Web framework; characteristics: object-relational mapper, dynamic administrative interface, template system that utilizes the concept of inheritance, extensible authentication system, framework for creating GIS applications

Apache Lucene and Solr: java-based indexing and search technology, SolrTM is a high performance search server built using Lucene Core

LibreOffice: free and open source office suite including text processing, a spreadsheet, an application for presentation, a vector graphic editor, a database management program and a formula editor