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WSDB - Waldorf School Database

Central element of the infrastructure of the Waldorf school in Linz is a database called WSDB - Waldorf School Database. The tool helps to manage timetables, create school reports or send newsletter.
WSDB - Waldorf School Database

Screenshot WSDB

Screenshot WSDB - Waldorfschulen-Datenbank: Stellt z.B. Klassenstatistiken dar.

Schulverwaltung über eine Webplattform - Abruf von Statistiken, Darstellung von Klassen, Erstellung von Zeugnissen etc. Die Programmierung ist in Zope erfolgt.The WSDB contains all relations between pupils, teacher, parents and administrators, it visualizes the complete administration of pupils, teacher, parents, timetables, grades and groups of people.

School reports, lists and statistics at the push of a button

Teacher can e.g. insert the grades of each pupil in their subject. The school reports themselves are automatically generated and centrally printed. Also diverse reports like e.g. a listing of the access codes to the copier are generated automatically in the database.

Screenshot WSDB - Waldorfschulen-Datenbank: Erfassung von Interessenten inkl. DatumAdditionally, a daily up-to-date telephone book can be exported in print form at the push of a button. The telephone book contains all contact details of the parents and the pupils as well as different lists.

The category statistics graphically show the current number of pupils as well as the entrances and leavings over the last years. Each statistic can be chosen for the whole school or for individual classes.

Everywhere available

Screenshot WSDB - Waldorfschulen-Datenbank: Kalender-Ansicht zur Terminplanung, Verwaltung etc.The front end of the WSDB is web basing, the database is implemented in open source technologies. 'We wanted to realize a relational database which in 10 years still is state of the art', the management board explains the decision.

Additionally to the WSDB, we implemented numerous additional functionalities in the infrastructure of the school: firewall and OpenVPN, mail server, file server, web server, central organized photo archive, VoIP telephony, a public telephone which only will dial numbers that are in the WSDB.

Screenshot WSDB - Waldorfschulen-Datenbank: Erfassung von Schülern, Erziehungsberechtigten, Ansprechpersonen etc.The Waldorf kindergarten in Linz also uses the system as well as Waldorf Schools in Vienna and Salzburg.


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