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High End for Small Business

A secure IT and a network with high system stability are very important. Often, companies are not aware of the importance until problems raise. These problems may cause loss of data or that employees cannot work for hours. We care that this does not happen to you.

© philippe Devanne / Fotolia.comWe offer full and one-stop IT solutions and are the contact for all your issues around the company network. It is important for us to use open source components, as they are open to the public and get developed and improved from experts all over the world. Additionally, these software solutions are secure and cost-effective - there are no license fees.

The package 'High end for small business' provides professional solutions for small and medium sized companies, which are normally affordable only for big sized companies. We cover the following services and products:


IT security that is transparent

© seen / Fotolia.comImagine that you want to open the door of your office as usual in the morning, but the door is broken and the whole hardware like server, hard disks, backup systems that were stored in the office etc. are missing. And not only the hardware, all stored data including sensitive information is in the hand of a third party.

In many cases, it is impossible to restore the data again after such a data loss. The arising damage is huge. A professional network solutions secures the data of a company and helps to restore them rapidly after theft, hardware defects, virus infections or accidentally deleting / overriding.

Especially the combination of good software and hardware products is essential. Through the analysis of the requirements and the competent support, we realize the optimal solution for our customers. A transparent cost structure and calculable IT operating costs make sure that the IT infrastructure meets the company's needs. According to our long-term expertise in the implementation and servicing of networks, we are your competent contact.

A service contract guarantees the reachability of our experts in the case of emergencies and offers a reduced hourly rate to our customers. Additionally, it regulates the support services that are arranged according to the customers needs.