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Optimization of Network Structures

Network structures that were expanded over the years are mainly complex and interlaced. Working with these structures is often inefficient. Missing documentations may furthermore cause a security vulnerability. We offer professional consulting and show the needs for optimization as well as the possible consequences if nothing changes.
Optimization of Network Structures

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When a company expands, the requirements on the companies network increase. Thereby, complex structures arise and easy administrative tasks become problematic and time-killing challenges.

We help companies to optimize their IT infrastructure long-lasting. First of all we evaluate the existing network structure and server environment and prepare a documentation of the actual status. The following are - depending of the IT infrastructure of the company - e.g. subject of our analysis:

  • © Okea / Fotolia.comServer and server rooms
  • Firewall
  • IP concept
  • DNS server
  • Internet services
  • Virtualization solutions
  • VPN connections
  • LAN
  • Backup strategies


Professional documentation is basing any optimization

Based on the actual analysis, we identify the existing deficits and prepare a risk analysis and an assessment of risks. Afterwards, we show optimization potentials and define the next steps within the customer. This includes the estimation of time and effort for each step. Additional safety and security analysis and concepts consider cases like e.g. system failures, solutions for data transfer, authentication, encoding, access control etc.

The combination of professional hardware and software as well as the use of technologies that are up-to-date allow demand-oriented solutions for efficient and secure working.