DICOM Solutions

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) describes an open standard to save and exchange medical information. We offer different (robot) solutions, to burn your DICOM data on CD or DVD.

DICOM robots produce CDs and DVDs which can be used for archiving and research purposes. They can also be given away to patients or to the treating physicians. The systems are small and equipped with a professional printer. Thereby, the discs can automatically be labeled according your requirements and the risk of mixing-up discs is eliminated.

Additionally, DICOM autoloaders offer the following advantages:

  • Dicom Roboter EpsonEasy integration in medical environments
  • Cost-efficient production of a CD/DVD
  • Rapid production cycles and short waiting periods
  • Long durability at the use of high quality media
  • Splitting of picture files to more discs, if one disc has not enough capacity
  • Handling of several jobs at the same time
  • Malfunction monitoring
  • Access over a web interface


Depending on the requirements, different DICOM autoloaders and software can be used, e.g. there are differences in the network capacity. Furthermore, additional server can be modularly connected to the DICOM robot system to provide different departments the access to one solution. As we are your Austrian contact for DICOM solutions, we are glad to consult you to find the optimal equipment.