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A free software for school administration

The school administration tool called Waldorf School Database (WSDB) is web based and facilitates the handling of recurring tasks in the organization of schools. Additionally the WSDB reduces the effort for administration and management.

The whole administration of pupils, teachers and parents is comfortable and easy to handle. Complex statistics are created with one click and provide an up-to-date overview at any time.

WSDB pictures the whole school process from the coordination of interested persons and the administration of classes to the creation of the time-table. The building of school reports and the printing is optimized for the school administration and the teachers.

Portriat Milijana Vasic, Sekretariat Waldorfschule Linz

"WSDB features the optimal basis for the administration of the school. The database is fully adapted to our daily work and our requirements. Recurring and time-consuming work like e.g. printing of school reports are also simplified through the WSDB", describes Milijana Vasic, Office Waldorfschule Linz, the advantages of the WSDB.


As the processed data is very sensitive, the WSDB has a very strict access control. Every teacher has his / her own login that allows only specific tasks for teacher (e.g. assessement, grading, communication with the parents over a class mailing list, notes).


Waldorf schools are instrumental in developing the WSDB

The development of the WSDB started in 2007 with the establishment of the IT team at the Waldorf School Linz / Austria. At 2011, the WSDB could be introduced at two further Waldorf schools in Austria. An interdisciplinary team takes care of the servicing and further development of the WSDB - together with us. E.g., access for legal guardians as well as the administration of class-register and organizational tasks are planned.

Portrait Rainald Grugger, Geschäftsführer Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Salzburg

"Since we use the WSDB, the administration of our school could be significantly improved. Different scopes of duties like e.g. the administration of personal data, school fees, honorary posts and members as well as the creation and printing of Waldorf specific school reports are balanced within the WSDB. Thanks to the innovative team of X-Net, all requests are answered by return and professionally implemented", Rainald F. Grugger and Dieter Reiser are commenting in representation of the governing body of the school and the administration of the Rudolf-Steiner School Salzburg.


To ensure the further development of the system, a monthly expense loading is collected from each school that wants to have external support. The expense loading is depending on the number of pupils so each school is able to finance the professional support of the WSDB.

Portrait Kurt Feßl, Vorstandsmitglied der Waldorfschule Linz

Kurt Feßl, board member of Waldorf school Linz, has accompanied the development of the WSDB: „Many Waldorf schools use the expertise of their parents in honorary posts to advance the internal IT and the organisation structure. The project WSDB which is interdisciplinary is basis for the cooperation of all members."


The WSDB is an open source project and available for free. Interested persons are invited to be part of further developments and to integrate additional functionalities.

A demo version as well as additional information around the project, future add-ons and possible cooperation models are found under following link:


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